Inspiration: Setting – Back to You – Sophie’s House

When I write, not only do I like to have a very clear image of my characters in my mind, but I also like to have a visual image of the setting. This helps in telling the story and also in describing the scene and the setting which helps the readers put himself/herself there. I often look for pictures in décor magazines and on the internet. Most of my scenes occur in a homes, restaurants, gardens. For Sophie’s house near the beach – the “Snow White” house, I selected this lovely little house – it’s very quaint and cozy. This house play a central role in the story as it is the reason Sophie comes back to her hometown – to help her mother renovate and sell the house. And the lovely John is the contractor. Sophie’s bedroom featured below is actually never used in a love scene, but it is featured in an emotional scene at the end as well as a flashback scene, and a few scenes where she’s just lying in bed, thinking about John. 🙂



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