A new romance…

Check out my new romance HIS FIXER-UPPER. It is a short (55 000 words) contemporary erotic romance available on Wattpad. It is my entry for the #JustWriteIt Wattpad contest which is sort of like NanoWrimo for Wattpad. It will be completed by September 30th. See link on the right.


Librarian Kirsten Beals is bookish, serious, and a little set in her ways. Her neighbor, tech wiz Ethan Fox, is her polar opposite; charming, smooth and playful. And she absolutely cannot stand him.

But when Kirsten’s long-time boyfriend Logan dumps her cold, Kirsten and Ethan team up to show Logan just exactly what he’ll be missing.

And as Ethan works to sexy-up Kirsten, he comes to see her in a completely new light, and realizes there’s more to her than nerdy glasses. And as he teaches her the ways of seduction, Kirsten realizes Ethan also has a secret identity of his own, and might not quite be the arrogant, immature womanizer she thought he was.


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