Risqué, taboo, and forbidden….

If you are a romance reader, there’s one blog you must absolutely check out. It is the best go-to place for all things romance. When I first got my Kindle APP iPad in 2012, that’s where I went in search of romance. Maryse’s Book Bog.

Maryse, who runs the blogs has plenty of lists. Looking for a romance with a recluse hero? Yep, she has a list for that. Looking for a biker romance? Dark romance? Yep, and yep. She also posts lots of youTube reviews which are always super fun to watch… so engaging, quirky, and always entertaining.

She has included THE GROUND RULES in her list of Risqué, taboo, and forbidden reads.

Maryse’s Review of TGR

Maryse’s YouTube Review of The Ground Rules. A MUST-WATCH!! SO funny!



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