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The Ground Rules Trilogy


An ordinary woman’s life is forever changed when she and her husband meet a fascinating couple and enter into a forbidden arrangement. A passionate trilogy from Omnific Publishing. Distributed by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Amazon top #10 Erotic Romance Bestselling Trilogy

Listed in RT Booklovers Magazine Suggested Indie Reads of 2015, and various 2015 Top Ten  lists, including Maryse’s Book Blog, iloveFiction, Reading Frenzy and TRSOR Jessie’s Top 5, and many more.

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The Riverstone Estate Series: A beautiful estate. Three unforgettable love stories.

Following the sudden passing of their father, Amber, Ruby, and Flynn Riverstone inherit the family estate and find themselves facing new challenges, growing closer, and discovering love along the way.

Each novel can be enjoyed as a standalone, but best read in chronological order to avoid spoilers if one wants to read the whole series.

Loving Amber

Following her husband’s tragic death, a woman struggles with feelings for the man she holds responsible.

  Loving Ruby

A woman takes a job as an assistant for a reclusive writer, and falls for him as she discovers his secrets.

Loving Jade

(Flynn’s story)

In an attempt to escape her abusive husband, a woman retreats to a horse farm, and falls for her equine therapist.

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Loving Amber:

Loving Ruby:

Loving Jade:


The Young & Flirty Series


His Fixer-Upper

A steamy New Adult erotic rom-com. Over 1.7 million reads on Wattpad!  Copyright 2015

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The Five Year Plan

A steamy New Adult erotic rom-com novella. Featured on  Over 400k reads on Wattpad. Copyright 2015

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A steamy New Adult erotic rom-com novella. Featured in bestselling anthology Hot for Teacher.

A fun steamy rom-com. An uptight bookkeeper. A cocky French Canadian artist. Sammy gets roped into attending an art retreat in Québec City, and falls for her very sexy art instructor. Not available at this time.


Back to You


Back to You is my first book. A short contemporary romance. Steamy but not erotic. A perfect summer read.

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available at and and in other countries.




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  1. Nadene says:

    When is 2nd book in Ground Rules trilogy due out? I’m so impatient. One of the best books I have read on a while. Thank you for plucking me out of my book monotony!!

    • arlcomics says:

      Hi Nadene,
      I apologize for the delay of my reply. Thanks so much for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m told this Fall for Book 2!! 🙂

  2. Marcia says:

    Yes! The ground rules trilogy is fantastic, fresh and riveting. When is book two going to be released? I’m dying from anticipation… seriously! The little excerpt at the back of book one absolutely done me in…

    • arlcomics says:

      Hi Marcia,

      Sorry I’m replying so late! I’m still trying to figure out my web site. People are actually reading and leaving me messages now! lol! Yes… so sorry about the cryptic excerpt for Book 2…lol!! Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Nathalie Hastings says:

    Wow, brilliant, sexy and totally original story. I read this in one sitting as I could not wait to see what happened next.
    Now I can’t wait to read the next book, so when will it be released,? I’m intrigued after the excerpt at the end of this book.
    Please say soon.

    • arlcomics says:

      Thanks Nathalie! So glad you loved it! My publisher says this Fall for Book Two. Yay! Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook or Goodreads (my links are in ABOUT – I will be posting teasers and info there. Also on my website too!

  4. Carolyn Wilkinson says:

    LOVED the book looking forward to the next. Set late in the night reading, couldn’t put it down.

    • arlcomics says:

      Hi Carolyn! So glad you enjoyed the book! My publisher says this Fall for Book Two. 🙂 … follow me on Twitter and Facebook or Goodreads (my links are in ABOUT – I will be posting teasers and info there. Also on my website too! Keep in touch!!

  5. Marcia says:

    The second book is phenomenal and exceeded every expectation. I loved how you ended book 2. It was classy, shocking with the right amount of crazy. Even tho there was a tiny bit of a cliffhanger . It was perfect! Thanks again cannot wait for next book….

  6. Reading Addict says:

    Dear Roya, I have to say your two Ground Rules books are sitting in my favourites folder on my kindle! I don’t re-read books often, but read book one twice, and I am sure I’ll read them both again before book three is out, so please let us all know when book 3 is out. I was gutted to have finished book two so quickly! Great writing, and can I say, I love Weston! He has such a beautiful soul. I really hope it’s good news all round in book 3, at least for me!

  7. BookedUp says:

    Hi Roya. Would you consider a 4th book in the Ground Rules series? There is such a interesting story to be told, following on from the ending of Book 3. And I think fans of the series would all like to find out what happens in the next stage, as the past begins to unfold.

    • arlcomics says:

      Hello, Sorry I just noticed this message. It is a possibility I suppose. I say ‘never say never’! Thanks for getting in touch!

  8. Claudia Perestrelo says:

    Just read the 3 rules books in one weekend. I LOVED them so much. Would love to read a book told by Gabe as narrator. Would love to know what was his story with Bridget and how he felt about what Mirella was doing

    • arlcomics says:

      Thanks so much for reading, Claudia. Glad you enjoyed it!!! FYI: You may enjoy the extra POVs under “FUN/EXTRA STUFF”. I JUST (today) added Gabe and Bridget POVs of their first meeting – Part 1 and Two! Cheers!!!

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