Inspiration: Setting – Back to You – Sophie’s House

When I write, not only do I like to have a very clear image of my characters in my mind, but I also like to have a visual image of the setting. This helps in telling the story and also in describing the scene and the setting which helps the readers put himself/herself there. I often look for pictures in décor magazines and on the internet. Most of my scenes occur in a homes, restaurants, gardens. For Sophie’s house near the beach – the “Snow White” house, I selected this lovely little house – it’s very quaint and cozy. This house play a central role in the story as it is the reason Sophie comes back to her hometown – to help her mother renovate and sell the house. And the lovely John is the contractor. Sophie’s bedroom featured below is actually never used in a love scene, but it is featured in an emotional scene at the end as well as a flashback scene, and a few scenes where she’s just lying in bed, thinking about John. 🙂



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Character inspiration: Back to You

When writing a romance, I always start with a basic concept or hook. And the next step is character development. I find it helps to have a visual idea of my characters, especially my hero and heroine. Most of my heroes are tall, dark and handsome of course. In Back to You, my hero ‘John’ is inspired by Canadian actor Scott Speedman (this week’s ‘crush of the week’), who is most famous for his role in the TV series ‘Felicity’, and was recently seen in ‘The Vow’ as Rachel’s McAdams fiancé. For my heroine ‘Sophie’, I was inspired by actress Kristen Ritter who appeared in many films, and ‘The bitch in Apartment 3B’ and also ‘Breaking Bad’.

I like the visual contrast in these two characters; John is rugged and unkempt, light haired, and blue-eyed. And Sophie is prim and proper, dark haired and has big dark eyes. Her skin is very pale and it’s one of the reasons John calls her ‘Snow’.



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