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Hello everyone,

I have a new monthly newsletter which will feature updates on new projects, info on monthly GIVEAWAYS! (I will be doing one monthly!), behind-the-scenes stuff, and my comic strip ‘A Romantic Life’.

Just sign-up on the form at your right! Or you can click on this link:

Note: you will receive a confirmation email and you can unsubscribe at any time. I will be sending my first newsletter around August 15th.


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New inspiration boards!!

Check out the new inspiration boards filled with photos I used for inspiration when writing the books. So far I have one for The Ground Rules – Book 1 (the dresses!!) and Back to You.

More to come!!

Check them out in Fun Stuff & Extras



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Busy writing….


I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been very busy writing. I have a new 3 book series coming out in September and a Novella (in a kick-ass anthology) in October. I’m also busy jotting down notes and doing research for another novel I’m crazy excited about (set to release in a year or so).

I will be promoting my new series and novella in about a month or so, so keep an eye out for teasers, covers, etc…

Thank you so much for reading!! For those impatient readers, you can also check out my free romances on Wattpad – HIS FIXER-UPPER (55 000 words – over 1.1 million reads!!!) and THE FIVE YEAR PLAN (35 000 words – featured on!!) Both are fun New Adult steamy rom-coms. And there’s my novel BACK to YOU – a fun summer romance – available on Amazon for 99cents!

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His Fixer-Upper – Over ONE MILLION reads!!!

If you enjoy New Adult Rom-Com steamy romance, check out my  book on Wattpad… HIS FIXER UPPER – Over ONE MILLION reads!!!!

Librarian Kirsten Beals is bookish, serious, and a little set in her ways. Her neighbor, tech wiz Ethan Fox, is her polar opposite; charming, smooth and playful. And she absolutely cannot stand him.

But when Kirsten’s long-time boyfriend Logan dumps her cold, Kirsten and Ethan team up to show Logan just exactly what he’ll be missing. As Ethan works to sexy-up Kirsten, he comes to see her in a completely new light, and realizes there’s more to her than nerdy glasses. And as he teaches her the ways of seduction, Kirsten realizes Ethan also has a secret identity of his own, and might not quite be the arrogant immature womanizer she thought he was.

Warning: this is an erotic romance and contains steamy sexual scenes. 18+

Click here!HFUcoverphoto

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The Ground Rules Highly Recommended on RT Book Lovers Magazine!

Just stumbled upon this the other day on Leylah Attar’s website – author of NYT Bestseller THE PAPER SWAN. My book THE GROUND RULES is nice and cozy just on top of hers. 🙂


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Author Interview and Spotlight

Check out my fun author interview/spotlight at A Reader’s Review Blog.


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New Steamy Romance Novella

Check out my new steamy romance novella on Wattpad. Just updated Chapter 10 today!


The Five-Year Plan
Sometimes even the best-laid plans are meant to be broken…
Emma Breyer has always been the ‘ugly duckling’ – the one no one sees. Fed up, she decides to make a plan and finally become the person she wants to be.
She is shocked when the plan works! Finally, she has it all – the blond hair, fake lashes, fabulous job and gorgeous boyfriend.
But then she hits a little snag – in the form of a beautiful brooding artist. Griffin is everything she is NOT looking for. But he’s the only one who seems to truly see her and not just the person she’s pretending to be.
Now, she must choose between the perfect life she so carefully planned, and the one she has accidentally stumbled into.

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A Romantic Life: Research… someone’s gotta do it!


Speaking of research… I love to really build my characters before I start my writing. I have detailed character profile sheets I complete and I always have pictures to help me visualize the characters. In my next book, there are four main characters and my main hero is inspired by Jake Gyllenhal (a recent ‘crush of the week’).




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Crush of the Week: Ben Affleck

So I’ve been bad. I have not posted a ‘crush of the week’ for a few weeks now… naughty. But to make up for all that, here is a nice one for you all.

Not long ago I featured Matt Damon… so I also had to feature Ben Affleck as well… those two are long time friends who hit the big times together when they won the Oscar for Best Screenplay for Good Will Hunting.


Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt (born August 15, 1972),  is an American actor, film director, writer, and producer.

Where you’ve seen him: Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Sum of all Fears, The Town and Argo  which he also directed and many more.

Romantic connections: Gwyneth Palthrow, J.Lo, and now married to Jennifer Garner – they have three kids!

Looking forward to his newest movie Gone Girl – loved the book.

Photo from:

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I’m back and I have exciting news!!!

I’ve been bad… I admit it. I haven’t posted since June. I suppose I’ve been a little busy this summer. I was busy camping with my family, and polishing my upcoming erotic trilogy. But it all paid off, since I’ve got a great tan, and I’ve recently signed a contract with Omnific Publishing – a romance publisher, and my trilogy will be available in a few months… so excited. Keep an eye out!!!

If you’d like to see the current selection of wonderful books at Omnific, click here to visit their web site.

Now, I’m off to find a ‘crush of the week’ for this week… tough work but someone needs to do it. 🙂


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