First Date – Part Two – Bridget POV (Book 1)

Note: contains sexual content 18+

As I stretched to the edge of the bed, Gabe inched his way to me and grabbed a handful of my rear. “Bridget, stay.”

I found my panties on the floor and slipped into them quickly. “I need to get home,” I told him, although he very well knew this. My husband, though brilliant and sweet, is a stickler for rules, and sets his life by his watch. He specifically requested that we both be home not a single minute past midnight. Looking down at the lovely watch he gave me on my last birthday, I knew I didn’t have much time to waste.

Gabe rubbed his eyes and shot me a wicked smile. “We could go another round.”

I laughed. “We’ve already gone another round,” I pointed out. “And now we need to get going.”

“Round three?” he suggested playfully. “You tempted?” The sight of him naked didn’t leave me unfazed, but I had a schedule to follow, a rigid plan already set in motion.

I grabbed my clutch and headed off to the en suite to powder my nose. I stood in my silk underwear, staring at my tired reflection when he appeared right behind me. He was completely naked; tall and built like a god, and eager… so very eager. I couldn’t believe my eyes – the man was insatiable. He stood there, smiling at my reflection and he knew he had me. He knew it, but I didn’t… yet.

He swept my hair to the side with a gentle touch and kissed my shoulder softly. “If you don’t want me to fuck you in your bed again, how ‘bout right here, on the bathroom counter?”

I laughed, rinsing my mouth. “I’m serious, Gabe. We have no time. We need to go,” I reminded him. “Weston will have my head. We agreed to both be back at home by midnight,” I said, suddenly feeling like a trampy modern day Cinderella.

“Right,” he said, not quite listening as he looped his fingers through the lace trim of my panties.

I was getting a little frustrated with his childish behaviour, but also very worked up. “Seriously, Gabe. Hands off.”

He chuckled, his breath hot against my back. “Oh I see… hands off… your wish is my command, beautiful.”

Good, I thought as I dabbed on some lipstick. But Gabe wasn’t quite done with me. He stood behind me, staring; hazel eyes intense. Then he gripped the counter, his large hands on both sides of me – he had me caged. I stood, studying our reflection; his tall dark heavy body against mine; slim and fair. Just the sight of all that inked skin had me weak at the knees.

His hands remained gripped to the counter. They did not move as he licked my shoulder, biting hard at the flesh. A heat spread through my core, and I knew I was done for. I closed my eyes as he scraped his teeth along my back, biting at the soft flesh on my hips; that extra inch I can never seem to lose. There was pain, but there was also pleasure. And when he bit my ass through the fabric of my panties, a soft moan escaped.

“Naughty girl,” he teased just before he managed to peel off my panties – with his teeth – no hands needed.

As he kissed my ass softly, I was getting so turned on, I couldn’t have cared less about Weston. All I wanted was for Gabe to make me come again. I leaned over on the granite vanity counter, my elbows pressed on the cold surface, and pushed my ass against him. “You can use your hands…”

He laughed; a wicked chuckle. “Oh I can… can I?” He was going to make me beg. I knew him already. How did this happen, I wondered. One minute I am ready to leave him, then he seduces me, and the next, I’m begging. He loves this. The hotter I am for him, the more I beg… the more he can have it his way… rough. And that’s the way I like it too.

As he traced a finger along the edge of my ass, he asked with his trademark smirk, “You want me to touch you again?”

“Yeah…” I moaned.

His hands were completely still when he said, “What’s the magic word, baby?”

I smiled up at his reflection in the silver framed mirror. “Please,” I whispered, the word small.

“I want you to bend over the counter for me,” he then ordered. “I want to see that gorgeous ass of yours.” I did as ordered, desperately craving his touch. He left for a moment, making me wait.

When he finally returned, he teased me, soft and slow, sliding his long fingers against my wet pussy. I reveled in his skilled touch. As soon as he had me all worked up and primed, he took me from behind, hard against the counter. I pressed one hand against the cold granite, and the other on the wall to keep my head from banging into the mirror.

Gabe already knew me well. Our first night together, and I didn’t need to say a single word. He knew I liked it rough, fast and hard. He pleasured me with his hand while he pounded into me. I came apart for him again in a matter of seconds.

My body ached when we were done, and I knew it would the next day as well. I also knew the teeth marks would take a few days to fade.

But it was exactly what I had wanted.

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