The Five-Year Plan


…a sassy and steamy NA Romance

Novella Sometimes even the best-laid plans are meant to be broken…

Emma Breyer has always been the ‘ugly duckling’ – the one no one sees. Fed up, she decides to make a plan and finally become the person she wants to be.

She is shocked when the plan works! Finally, she has it all – the blond hair, fake lashes, fabulous job and gorgeous boyfriend.

But then she hits a little snag – in the form of a beautiful brooding artist. Griffin is everything she is NOT looking for. But he’s the only one who seems to truly see her and not just the person she’s pretending to be.

Now, she must choose between the perfect life she so carefully planned, and the one she has accidentally stumbled into.


I decided to forget all about the handsome stranger sitting next to me, and to finally enjoy my cupcake; it was, after all, the sole reason I was there. I closed my eyes and as I savoured my first bite (as I always do). I almost moaned from the pleasure of it (it was as moist and delicious as always).


I enjoyed my cupcake and milk, forgetting completely about him. He had nothing on a Toffee Dream cupcake with freshly made buttercream icing and sprinkled toffee bits on top. It was no contest.

As I drained my glass of milk, I saw him put his book away and felt a tinge of disappointment; there went the view. I watched him as he stood to leave. And to my surprise, he stopped at my table and smiled. “Has anyone ever told you you’re adorable?” he asked.

And I said… nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was shocked and speechless. It was one of those moments in life where you wish you had a rewind button and you could come up with something clever to say; scribble the possibilities in a notebook, scratch out the bad and keep the good, and come up with the most kick-ass response ever.

But I said nothing. Nothing.

He smiled again. “You’re adorable… with your oversized ‘Where’s Waldo’ glasses and funny t-shirt,” he told me, laughing, “and your glass of milk. No one over six drinks milk anymore.”

I was surprised by his boldness. “Well, they do if they have a family history of osteoporosis.”

Oh God. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind.

Here I was, sitting at a café, the most scrumptious specimen of a man flirting with me, and I felt compelled to discuss my family history of bone-related disease. Someone kill me and take me out of my misery, I thought.

He laughed, apparently finding me not only adorable, but amusing as well. “That must have been one good cupcake,” he teased. “You seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.”

I laughed. “I did. It was amazing,” I told him, suddenly feeling flirty. “Better than sex.”

He laughed out loud, and shook his head. I was waiting for him to respond, but he just grinned and shook his head. And then he walked away. Of course, he would walk away without getting my name or number; all that sexy talk about osteoporosis.

He left. Just like that. What a tease.

And then, just as he was heading toward the door, he turned on his heel and made his way back to me. “Better than sex?” he asked. “Really?”

I smiled. “Really. The cupcakes here are amazing. You should try them.”

He laughed again. “Well, I hate to break it to you, cutie… but if that cupcake was better than sex,” he said, “you’re not having the right kind of sex.”

I sat there, slack-jawed, completely speechless again.

Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, I want to say something clever.

And then, he just left. The last word on his lips… sex.



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