See You Next Monday

See You Next Monday

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 There isn’t much joy or excitement in bookish Angela Jones’ life, until the day she volunteers for the ‘Readers & Friends’ program at her local library. She’s given the tough case nobody wants; Dot Bowman; a notoriously wealthy, eccentric and extremely fussy woman. The question is; will she be able to handle her? And better yet, will she be able to handle her handsome, but slightly egotistical son?

Michael Bowman always gets what he wants; success, admiration and wealth. But one thing he doesn’t want is a relationship; especially after his last one turned his life upside down. But a beautiful bookish woman enters his life and just might change his mind. After all, love happens when you least expect it; even on dark rainy Mondays.

See You Next Monday is a short contemporary romance and is currently unpublished.


“This is yours. It’s the nicest one,” Michael explained, smiling as he opened the door for her.

“Thank you,” she said as she squeezed in by him, taking in that glorious combo of sunscreen and after shave. The man smelled good.

Well, it wasn’t quite what she had expected; it was very old with a musty smell. Although, it was quite quaint; a twin bed with a small side table topped with a lamp sat in the center of the cabin. An old cedar chest sat at the end of the bed. The red and white checkered curtains on the window were hung on an old rustic oar. An oak dresser sat against the wall with a bouquet of fresh wild flowers displayed on its top.

“These are beautiful.”

“Michelle picked them this morning.”

A beautiful colorful quilt covered the bed.

“I cleaned it up a bit for you,” he told her as he set her bag on the bed. They were in close quarters as the cabin was quite small. She wanted him to stay… and she wanted him to leave!

“Thank you. It’s…nice,” she said. “The quilt is beautiful,” she added as she felt the soft texture of it, and appreciated its detailing.

“Yeah… I think my grandmother made it.”

In those few seconds, the place grew on her; she decided she could be quite happy here for the next two nights.

“I hope this is good with you. I’m in the other cabin,” he explained, sitting on the bed, leaning back on his hands.”

Get off my bed.

“Dot would never sleep in here and I’d rather the kids be in the cottage; under her supervision. They can’t get away with anything with her around,” he joked.

“This is great,” she reassured him as she opened her bag.

“I’ll be right in the next cabin, if you have any concerns.”

Um… well that is exactly my concern.

“There’s the odd bug in here but you should be fine,” he added.

Um… odd bug… no, I won’t be.

“The outhouse is right out there; the little white cabin.”

Oh damn… that’s what that is.

“And worse comes to worse, you can always sleep on the pull-out couch in the cottage if you’re not comfortable here.”

“Oh, I will be.” She hoped what she was saying was true. She didn’t quite believe herself at the time.

“Well I’ll leave you to unpack. Come join us in the cottage when you’re done. We’re having lunch,” he told her as he stepped out as quickly as he had come in.

As she put her stuff in the dresser, she did a further inspection of the cabin, in privacy. She looked at the floor, under the bread, under the sheets. Everything seemed fine; no scary bugs. She felt a wave of relief. She could survive this weekend after all. She told herself the last few minutes would be the official last exchange she would have with Michael for the next two days. She would, from then on, keep as far away from him as she had promised herself she would. Everything would be proper and appropriate.

But… on second thought, she decided that she would maybe sneak in a peek or two, harmless peeks.

But that would be it, definitely it.

Copyright 2009 Carmen Roy. All rights reserved.

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